Top 10 Seedbox of 2020 Listed

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How often do you have to deal with slow speed range while downloading or seeding torrent files? To top that off, there is always a major concern of security and privacy while torrenting online. However, with the use of remote hosting server seedbox one can overcome all these challenges easily.

Seedbox is basically a remotely hosted server that uses point to point network for achieving high-speed downloads and uploads. Even with the use of a cheap seedbox, users will get smooth torrenting experience no matter what. With the popularity of seedbox, the demand for seedboxes has increased. Nowadays you will find more and more brands offering you seedbox and its hosting services.

To sort out and make your choice a bit clearer we have listed some of the best seedbox brands that are available as of 2020. But we jump into the list of top seedboxes, let’s take a look at some of the amazing perks of using this remote hosted server.

Perks of Using Seedbox

Seedbox is an incredible server that is loaded with amazing features that make the task of torrenting super convenient and secure. Below we have included some of the benefits that you could get out of the best seedbox.

·          Speed

Users fail to get stable high-speed connectivity over their home IP network. But with a seedbox, customers can enjoy relentless speed. Complying by the BitTorrent protocol, this remote hosted server uses a high speed network to remain connected with speed ranging from 10 Mbit/s to even up to 1Gbit/s. Users can download and seed even a huge torrent file within a few minutes.

·          Convenience

Users will enjoy maximum convenience while torrenting by using a seedbox. By just setting up a storage seedbox you will be able to read trackers. All your selected files will be downloaded and saved in the server. You don’t have to use your computer. You will not only be saving your data allowance but also free up the hardware and storage.

·          Security & Privacy

Another perk of using a seedbox is that it offers security and privacy to the users while torrenting online. You might have noticed the intimidating DMCAA notices which you might have ignored. Also, all your torrent activities remain exposed that threatens your privacy and security. However, using a seedbox means your IP address is not traceable instead seedbox IP is picked. You stay completely anonymous online.

·          Storage

Seedbox comes along with the feature of storage space that enables the users to download and save files right on the server itself. The storage capacity differs from one seedbox provider to another. A top seedbox brand can offer users with great storage space that suffices their needs.

These are some of the benefits you get with the use of a seedbox. Altogether, a seedbox makes the torrenting experience of a user convenient, secure and reliable.

Now that we are aware of the perks of using a seedbox, let’s take a look at some of the best working seedbox available in the market for 2020.

10 Best Seedboxes Listed

1.      ISeedFast

ISeedFast is a fine working seedbox provider that offers good performance at reasonable rates. If you are a beginner then this one is a perfect choice for you. With overall good features and simple user interface, users will get the best experience.

2.     UltraSeedbox

UltraSeedbox is one of the best seedbox providers available in the market. With a wide range of hosting plans to choose, users can choose plans that perfectly suit their budget and requirements. It also offers Plex optimized plans that enable users with a media streaming server.

3.     EvoSeedbox

This one provides you affordable hosting plans starting from $5 only. If you want a cheap seedbox with relatively decent performing features then EvoSeedbox is perfect. It is easily compatible with common devices and browsers. Also, 24×7 client support is provided.

4.     DediSeedbox

Amazing speed with unlimited bandwidth, DediSeedbox is one of the best seedbox brands you can choose in 2020. With 30 apps and one click installation, users get to do more with their server. Also, the newbies can get access to plenty of information related to this server on its site.

5.     SeedboxBay

Easy and clear user interface, unlimited bandwidth, rapid connections and downloads are just some of the amazing features offered by SeedboxBay. Packed with incredible features this one deserves a mention in the list of top seedbox providers.

6.     RapidSeedbox

Customers can choose from a wide range of hosting plans based on their needs. An overall great performing seedbox provider, RapidSeedbox deserves a mention. It also offers the users with impressive 24×7 customer support.

7. is known for offering robust software and hardware systems. It also offers the much-needed security to customers with OpenVPN preinstalled. Unlimited incoming traffic and a reliable client support further makes them a great name in the list of best seedbox providers.

8.     Easy -Tk

It is a French seedbox provider that offers a simple user interface and overall decent performing features. The app hub is updated and is a perfect seedbox brand for those who are new to using a seedbox.


If you are looking for a brand that offers both great quality and price then is the one. 24×7 client support, simple interface, unlimited bandwidth are just some of the highlights of features offered by this provider. Make sure to check out before choosing a seedbox.


Need a fair price/quality seedbox? offers you just that. Efficient customer support, clear user interface this one definitely worth a mention in this list. However, users will only get 3 hosting plans to choose from.

Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a seedbox, bring home this remote hosting server and enjoy smooth torrenting. Choose from the carefully listed brands of best seedbox to enjoy the most amazing features offered by them. All the mentioned seedbox providers are best in quality and price.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Seedbox of 2020 Listed

  1. Sandra says:

    Easy Tk is a decent performing seedbox provider available at a cheap price range. It is a French based server provider with an easy user interface and great app hub.
    However, users do not get a free trial period and have to make a commitment for availing its services. It would be tricky for those who like to run a test before fully committing to a hosting plan.

  2. Thomas says:

    if you are Looking for a seedbox that offers a perfect price/quality ratio? UltraSeedbox is the seedbox provider that delivers quality performance at an amazing price range. It offers the users a variety of choosing options for hosting plans that customers can pick based on their requirements. Speed of up to 20 Gbps, UltraSeedbox delivers the customers unlimited downloads with a plethora of applications to install.
    The only few downsides that the customers will have to deal with is limited access info on the site and metered upload.

  3. Noah says:

    Quality customers support with reliable overall performance, users won’t be disappointed to choose this seedbox provider.
    Some flaws that were clearly visible is its unreliable remote access point. Also, users will have to deal with variation in bandwidth and claimed minimum speed on a daily basis.

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