Important Things About Cheap Seedbox – Specifications, Features & Availability

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All internet users are very much concerned about their online privacy whilst uploading or unloading large torrent files today!

Therefore, with giant corporations controlling peer-to-peer networks and records every online activity of yours. A seedbox combined with the right tool can offer solutions to all your concerns. 

If you are concerned about what seedbox is, you are requested to continue reading till the end. This ongoing article will explain what is seedbox, what are various seedbox types, what are ways to use remote-servers, and reasons you should use seedbox over other private-servers. 

Firstly, let’s answer what is a seedbox?

A seedbox is a cloud-based remote server with a public IP address that’s used to safely download and upload large files using torrents at extremely high-speed. The speed usually ranges from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. If you’ve easy access to a cheap seedbox, you can simply download online media to your personal computer/ laptop anonymously. 

To be simple, you can get a share of the network with a super speedy internet connection and privacy protected. The specific concern of the seedbox is to unload and upload torrent files for which you need to choose the right service provider as well. To get the best help of the seedbox, visit, and choose the right option as per your preferences. 

There are numerous advantages to downloading torrents using seedboxes. And so, now we will explain methods to use seedboxes to remain online privacy. 

How To Use Seedboxes?

This particular remote-server possesses one or more clients with website user interface, which you can access via any medium and remotely control seedboxes. In the user interface, you can upload torrent URLs or large torrent files. After torrent gets loaded you can immediately start downloading and can relate the torrent afterward as most importantly without tracking to the local desktop IP of the user. 

Once your online media get unloaded on the seedboxes, it will get hosted for users to download it whenever required. The online unloading or uploading is completed via HTTP, SFTP, FTP, or sync protocols. On a high-speed network, it takes around two to three minutes to download large files. Because of its high-speed and privacy options, seedboxes have become more popular worldwide. 

This particular method helps to prevent any torrent traffic from approaching your personal internet connection but instead, you can initiate legitimate HTTP / STP traffic that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) needs to permit. 

What Are Different Types of Seedboxes?

One of the best features of the seedboxes is they work with the majority of running systems, such as – Mac, Windows, and Linux. One more aspect, users can anonymously install and unload online media on individual computers via HTTP, SFTP, FTP, or sync protocols. And so, you’ve no nervousness of being tracked for downloading any sort of copyright media. 

These are some major cheap seedbox options users can avail nowadays –

  • Dedi Seedbox

This seedbox type is one of the most popular remote servers nowadays. This gives quality bandwidth ranges from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The connectivity Dedi Seedbox offers for a reasonable price is the main reason for its increasing popularity. 

  • Rapid Seedbox

This type of seedbox is a high-performance VPS. This seedbox is capable of performing all the requirements as it provided unlimited bandwidth, remote desktop feature, dedicated IP address plenty of RAM, and shell access. This remote-server even comes with pre-installed applications. 

  • WhatBox

This is an excellent platform for large storage limits. This seedbox offers great customer support, and so providing every required guide to users round the clock. This seedbox kind is meant with advanced technology, which will surely enhance the speed of downloading large files. There are organizations providing seedboxes for all types of varieties, such as – cheap seedbox, expensive seedbox, or moderate seedbox. Hence, you no need to wait long hours for downloading or uploading your online files. 

Of course, you’ve guessed it right! Seedbox Best is one such proficient service provider of cloud-based remote servers. 

Let’s check out other private servers available in the market –

  • Dedicated Server
  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Co-located Server

There are several varieties of shared seedbox options, and so you will need to check all of them with your service provider to find out what exactly they can offer –

  • Some Are Just VPS, 
  • Some Are Dedicated Servers, 
  • Some Are VPS With Torrent/ FTP/ HTTP That Clients Has Already Installed, 
  • Some Are Only Dedicated Servers With Torrent/ HTTP/ FTP Which Clients Have Already Been Installed, 
  • Some Are Only Offering Access To Torrent Client’s Web UI and FTP Download That You Don’t Have Direct Access To The Operating System;  

Why Should You Use Seedbox Over Other Private Servers?

After we’ve explained seedbox kinds, now we will proceed to explain why it is really overwhelming and users must choose remote servers over private servers. 

These are some major advantages of choosing seedboxes –

  • High-Speed Download

This high-bandwidth remote server permits users to download large files at unprecedented speeds. This particular server is situated inside info centers, which incredible speedy connections to the internet. Thus, users can seek seedboxes with connection ranges up to 10Mbps to 16Gbps. These are several seedbox companies providing SSD seedboxes in order to allow more speed connecting. 

So, if you are restless after waiting for large files to download? Or your internet connectivity isn’t up to the mark? Then you are simply in need of seedboxes in replacement of old servers. 

That’s noteworthy, with a cheap seedbox you even need to download the file from your remote server over your standard personal connection. This will be unloaded at the maximum speed of your internet is able to access it. 

  • Utmost Privacy

The uses of the seedbox server allow users to appreciate uploading and unloading of large files anonymously along with an assurance of extreme privacy. Thus, you no need to use BitTorrent Protocol with seedboxes on your personal computer. Your concerns with the RIAA or MPAA are over with a remote server. No more lawyer notices or warning notes from your ISP, and most importantly, no lawsuit will be charged against seedbox users. 

That’s impossible for hackers to track your activities with seedboxes. A lot of seedbox companies provide VPN services along with restricting your internet usage. In case you’ve signed up with services accepting bitcoins or pay with prepaid credit cards whilst using VPNs, there isn’t any personal identification related to you with your seedbox provider. Now, if you are interested in downloading torrents anonymously and without the risk of paying expensive fines from copyright agencies, you immediately must switch to a seedbox. 

  • Circumvent ISPs

ISPs can be tricky when it comes to you using their remote servers. Suppose, ISPs consider you are often using ample of their bandwidth, they will significantly resize your torrent traffic restricting to slower speeds. Seedboxes help to prevent this by not showing torrent traffic on your personal ISP. Also, your BitTorrent portal might be restricted by your ISP, which is even avoidable by using seedboxes. 

If you want to download online media with seedboxes, you can simply access it via FTP. In case you are using FTPS or SFTP, your connection between seedbox and user is encrypted, and so your ISP can’t check what you are online streaming. One important alternative to this is the use of VPN, which several seedbox companies offering as part of their services. If you are concerned about your ISP probing on your traffic, you are recommended to instantly shift to seedboxes over other expansive private-servers. 

  • Enhance Storage Space

A seedbox offers the user with maximum storage space, which is required by professionals. The competition in the seedbox industry is immense and overruling each other competitions isn’t quite easy. Thus, several seedboxes provided companies are offering ample storage room than their rivals. However, ample storage space isn’t only a significant aspect for which someone must consider buying seedboxes but also check out all privacy aspects into priority. 

  • Convenience

Of course, seedboxes are convenient to use, as you no need computers that are always consuming electricity and your data allowance. Thus, you no need to concerned about puzzled roommates with seedbox whilst unloading online media and slowing up the internet speed for everyone else sharing the same connection. Additionally, you can set up your seedbox to convert trackers RSS feed and automatically download specific media at the earliest. So, if you want your torrenting life to be made easier and simplified, you need to get seedboxes. 

  • Extra Perks

The professional seedbox providing companies will offer plenty of optional apps along with seedbox, which you can use as per your preferences. In case you not wanna unload online media only want to stream it, you can enjoy such an option with seedboxes. In order to transfer files from seedbox to other cloud-based storage, you can get it done with remote servers. Also, you can get a free VPN with a seedbox. These online apps are easily installed in just one click on most of the seedbox panel.  

To conclude, seedboxes are convenient using as you no need to carry personal computers every time. This remote server offers users to easily unload or upload online media via a cloud-based server at the utmost privacy. This remote server, unlike private servers, offers immense care of your online privacy and useful to access copyrighted media. These are seedbox companies that will guide you to make the best choice as per your needs. And so, you will get quality support within your affordable rates. 

Therefore, if you are in search of a cheap seedbox with all the above-mentioned options, check out an online website to make the right choice today!

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