About – Seexbox CC

Principally Seedboxes cc is a seedbox provider. They provide a server at a very high speed for torrent users. Besides, Seedboxes cc also offers free VPN service for free with each subscription offered by them. Since the VPN service is complimentary, one can not expect it to be highly advance and sophisticate like other seedbox providers.

Seedboxes cc has planted its VPN server in popular locations of Europe, North America, and in Asia. Also, depending on the subscription plan a client can connect to Seedboxes.cc up to five simultaneous connections. Their VPN service is compatible with major platform such as Windows, IOS, Android, and Mac OS. It also provides a security option to protect your internet connection. Seedboxes.cc also offers the following services to its clients: 

First, They offer unlimited traffic to all accounts. Customers can use FTP, SFTP, and PLEX with their premium network. 

Second, Seedboxes.cc provides amazing network speed, fast servers, and powerful hardware. 

Third, Their plans support with a dedicated Plex server to all users.  

Fourth, Seedboxes.cc also provide awesome customer support with their dedicated and knowledgeable team.  Fifth, Seedboxes.cc also offer affordable and cheap price rate. They offer five types of rate packages that are cost-effective and affordable. Their packages start from 13.45 Euros per month. They also guarantee the money-back policy to their end-users.

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