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Seedbox io is well-known to its customers for a very long time. They are the pioneer name in this industry. Customers believe Seedbox.io as their best service provider in the market. Seedbox io offers the best quality seedbox in the market. Without any drawback, they provide a seedbox solution for many years. They maintain unlimited bandwidth to all their customer. Seedbox io runs its network which peers directly to some of the largest internet exchange in Europe. Their main routers are connected with dozens of 10 Gbit uplinks which give the customer the best speed.

Seedbox io data centers are situated in The Netherlands, Romania, and France. They offer three types of price rates to their clients. Which starts from just at just 4 Euros. They also have packages like 17 euros, 27.5 Euros, 35 Euros, and 65 Euros. Their storage starts with 200 GIB. Seedbox.io  also offers 4TB storage, dedicated IP, Plex support, and 1000 bit plus to the end-users. Seedbox io also provides the best customer support in the industry. Seedbox io has a dedicated and knowledgeable support team always standing by to help their customers with any issues. A customer can rest assured that all their problems will be solved on time. Seedbox io also provides a money-back guarantee. If any customer does not like their services they simply refund back to the clients. Seedbox’s dedicated servers are Leaseweb, NFOrce, and M247. The dedicated servers vary in storage, RAM, bandwidth, and features. The advantage of these dedicated servers is that they come with full root access and the customer can perform any operation that they want. Besides, seedbox io also provides data security for their end user.

At Seedbox io they concerns the data security for the clients. Due to this security reasons they have developed many new technology which provides the data security of their clients.

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