About – Pulsed Media

Pulsed Seedbox is the oldest seedbox company. They have a data centre in France, Finland. Presently they are providing 100 Mbps to 1 Gbit speed to their clients. They also allow their customers to Public Torrents and offer competitive pricing packages. They provide many rate chart in the market, like, Mushu- it costs 18.99 Euros and 3 TB storage, Toruk- it costs 29.99 Euros and has 5 TB storage, Shenlong- the price starts from 49.99 Euros and here customer will get 10 TB storage, Temeraire- it costs 79.99 Euros and have 16 TB storage. Which make them cheap seedbox company. Pulsed Media also provides M10G-10GBPS Raid5 Seedboxes which rate is started 9.99 Euros to 47.99 Euros. Their Value1000-1 GBPS Raid0 seedboxes price starts from 6.99 Euros to 23.99 Euros.

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