About – Probox Space

Probox space is famous for providing cheap seedbox in the market. They charge a very cheap rate. Probox.space charges on a monthly subscription. They offer support to torrent clients around the globe. Probox.space offers 1 Gbps connection with superb speed to the users of ruTorrent and rTorrent. Probox.space offers four kinds of rate charts monthly. 

  1. Oscar Seedbox: This cost five Euros and it provides storage space of 10 GB.
  2. Romeo Seedbox: The price of the Romeo seedbox is 10 Euros and it has 250 GB storage space.
  3. Sierra Seedbox: The storage capacity of the Sierra seedbox is 350 GB and it cost 12 Euros monthly. 
  4. Zulu Seedbox: The name of the last package is Zulu Seedbox which is cost 15 Euros monthly and it provides 500 GB storage. 

Probox space also supports SSH and FTP. It also supports both public and private trackers. Probox.space allows unlimited bandwidth with all its rental plans. They provide installation with 24 hours. In recent times Probox space proves themselves as a quality seedbox provider. They also believe in transparent customer services. Probox.space has a dedicated team who always deal with the customer’s issue. If you have a tight budget you can positively connect with the Probox space team to get an experience of cutting edge technology. 

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