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If someone looking for a seedbox providerand are on a tight budget they can consider Iseedfast services. In recent times Iseedfast has proven record in the area of a seedbox. They provide the best solutions with the best price in the market.

At Iseedfast the basic plan starts at just a few dollars in a month. Believe it or not, there is no cheaper option out there for the good seedbox services. Steadfast also offer a powerful Xeon E5 server, 1 GBPS network speed, and lots of other features. Certainly, in most recent times Ispeefast is the cheapest and decent seedbox service provider out there in the race. Their plans provide all SFTP, FTP, and open VPN service on the seedbox. More even the basic package has BTSync and full transoid support. Ispeedfast also provides 50 GB space on the server with 1 TB bandwidth. They also offer the network speed nearly 1GBPS. Ispeedfast provides continuous healthy customer support.

They also expend their customer support through the ticketing system. Ispeedfast offers OpenVPN speed on standard, advanced, and professional plans. To far extended Ispeedfast also offer a four-day refund policy if the customer is not satisfied with their services. The customer can cancel the subscription at any point in time.

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