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Easy TK is one of the best seedbox provider companies in this phenomenon. Easy TK is based in France. It offers a Virtual Private Server (VPS), Seedbox, and VPN. Easy TK also offers shared hosting under another name. Easy TK offers one-click enable applications to their customers. They also deploy the production environment in one click.

The applications are followed: WordPress, OsCommerce, Xoops, OwnCloud, NextCloud, and OpenVPN.Easy Tk also allows its customers to pick their operating system. Customers can stop, start, or even change the OS at any time in one-click from their control panel. It also supports different versions of Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, and Windows server.

Easy TK provides DDoS protection as part of its VPN features. This protects their client-server from being attack from any unwanted situation. Easy TK has different plans for their services. But as a reputed company, they do not provide a free trial to their users. Easy TK provides one month, three months, and a one-year subscription. Consideration of the pricing Easy TK offers low prices to its customers. But Easy TK does not provide any money-back guarantee to its customers. Easy TK is one of the knowledge base company by comparing with others, but they are more focused on Seedbox services.

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