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Cloud Boxes is the new seedbox providers in the market. But within a short period, Cloud Boxes proves that they are one of the key service providers. Cloud Boxes offers strong and secured hardware and software so the client’s data will be protected. Cloud Boxes IO supports public tracker. Cloud Box IO offers three basic plans to their clients. These plans are divided into Small, Medium, and large. All these plans come with 20 GBS uplink and unlimited incoming traffic. However, outgoing traffic is limited to 4 TB for the Small plan, 15 TB for the medium, and 40 TB for the large.

Cloud Boxes IO is a reputed service provider that offers cutting edge technology like – unlimited bandwidth, outgoing traffic, and online live chat. In terms of customer support, Cloud Boxes IO focuses on the best responding customer support. They also offer live support on their official website. One can easily visit their website and there is an icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the website for live chat.

Cloud Boxes IO also offers a one-click installable app on plans. Besides this Plex is supported on the plans and can easily be installed through the client interface with a one-click option. But at the time of the one-click installation, the user has to enter some basic information.

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