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The number of privacy and security violation cases online in today’s digital age is soaring up. Especially if you are an avid torrent user then you must know the security threats involved while torrenting. The BitTorrent protocol is not a private technology and anyone on the same network can view and track your activities easily.

You are completely off guard when you are torrenting online. However, in order to overcome such privacy errors and security threats there are some tools available and one of them is a seedbox. The demand for top seedbox providers has grown tremendously because of the amazing features it offers to the torrent users. But most of all, it acts as a great security tool for the torrenters.

The use of a seedbox makes your overall torrenting experience easy, smooth and secure. Continue to read more to find out all things essential about seedbox and why you need one.


A seedbox is a remote hosting server that utilizes a high-speed data center for downloading and uploading torrent files. The speed ranges from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. The hassle of downloading huge files becomes super easy as soon as you utilize a seedbox.

Seedbox helps the users to download and even seed files at a faster pace than your home connectivity and makes use of a public IP address to keep your identity secure. Your activities while torrenting becomes completely anonymous once you start using a seedbox.

Top features offered by Seedbox

Whether you opt for a cheap seedbox brand or an expensive one, this remote hosting server is packed with amazing features that are sure to make every torrent user’s experience incredible. Some of the highlighting features offered by a seedbox include –

1.      Allows high-speed downloads and uploads

The prime feature of a seedbox is that it provides high-speed downloads and uploads. It uses a high-speed data center to offer relentless pace and so users can perform their torrenting activities of downloading and uploading digital files without any trouble. The average speed offered by a seedbox ranges between 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps depending on the seedbox provider you choose. Users can download an UltraHD movie torrent within a period of a few minutes if they use this remote hosting server while torrenting.

2.     Maintains privacy and security online

Another great feature that you can enjoy with the use of a seedbox is maintaining privacy and security while being online for torrenting. It is a hardcore fact that your identity is at risk as your IP address is easily tracked and monitored while being on unsecured torrent websites. However, a seedbox masks your home IP address as it uses the public IP network to access torrent sites. You remain entirely anonymous when torrenting online. Also, some of the best seedbox providers even offer an OpenVPN server that further increases your security and privacy online.

3.     Bypassing ISP restrictions

One of the major challenges that every torrent user has to deal with is slow internet speed after a certain period. You may observe that your download speed suddenly slows down, hence, interrupting your downloading. This is because your ISP implies bandwidth limitation as soon as they monitor excessive usage. However, with the use of seedbox one can easily overcome ISP limitations as such. Since it cloaks your IP and you remain anonymous your ISP is unable to monitor your usage. Also, several torrent ports are often blocked by your ISP, with a seedbox server you no longer have to deal with such blocked torrent ports.

4.     Storage to save files

Seedbox offers storage disk space where users can save the torrent files as long as they want. Users can keep their files saved securely without clogging their computers. As seedbox offers robust hardware the files remain securely saved for as long as the user wants to keep them on the server. The storage space varies from one seedbox provider to another. Some of the top seedbox brands offer increased storage space.

Alternative Uses of Seedbox

Even though seedboxes are known for making the torrenting experience incredible, this remote hosting server can be used for alternate purposes as well. With few adjustments and modifications, you can use seedbox more than just torrenting. Some of the other uses of a seedbox are –

·       Creating a Gaming Server

Seedboxes can also be used for creating your very own gaming server. However, you need to choose for a dedicated seedbox server instead of a shared server. With the use of a dedicated seedbox server that offers root SSH access, users can create and run a gaming server. But there are some cheap seedbox providers that do not enable the users to host any gaming server. Therefore, it is recommended to check out seedbox policies carefully before choosing one.

·       Running apps remotely

Did you know that you can remotely access applications using your seedbox? The best seedbox solutions can be set up in a specific way that allows the users to have remote access to applications through VNC connection. Provided you need to install a VNC to the seedbox and a software that is compatible with your seedbox server. With right configurations made, you can access and control apps easily with your seedbox.

Bottom Line

Seedbox is more than just a tool that offers a smooth torrenting experience. Loaded with amazing features, this remote hosting server can be used in many ways that can make your online activities efficient and secure. Choose the best seedbox providers and enjoy its plethora of features for fulfilling varied requirements.

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