10 Best Cheap Seedbox Providers In 2020 [Reviewed]

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If you are interested in impartial seedbox reviews, you can explore various services that are the best seedbox provider offers. Then you’ve reached the right place. Here you will get real-user reviews and an ultimate guide to cheap seedboxes – advantages and purpose of using. Whether you are in search of the cheap seedbox or just all-around seedboxes, we will guide you in the right direction. 

In case you are still unknown, a seedbox is a remote-server allowing users to download and upload torrents through secured private servers. Some people might also identify it as torrent hosts or VPS seedboxes. You might want to use seedbox if you are an eager media sharer and want to seed torrents or if your internet service providers restricted BitTorrent traffic. 

Benefits of Top Seedbox

  • Download torrents without any restrictions,  
  • Enhances your upstream ratio with seeding 24 hours on super-speed lines, 
  • Your online privacy will always remain safe and ensure anonymity,
  • Protecting users against warning note requests of ISP; 

Therefore, seedboxes combined with the right tools can assist you to solve any privacy-related problems. 

What Is A Seedbox?

Seedbox is a cloud-supported remote-server, which uses a public internet provider address and allows user to download and upload torrent files safely over the internet. If you own a cheap seedbox, you can unload and upload large files through personal computers at any point and anywhere with an active internet connection. Specifically, seedboxes are compared with personal computers or systems, which manage rapid internet connection and can perform actions of download and uploading torrents. 

Top seedbox generally offers a crazy speed as ranges around 100 Mbps to 1250 Gbps. This remote server assists users to download torrents onto their computers or upload media over the internet anonymously. Seedbox is actually used as a committed server or virtual private server’s seedbox to increase its upload speed on the trackers. There are several seedbox providers currently available at various costs and rents, of which there is some the best seedbox that is available at meager prices. 

List of 10 Best Seedbox Providers 2020:

1. Cloudboxes.io:

Cloudboxes is entitled as one of the easiest and reliable service providers for data that can be availed at different price ranges. This seedbox provider offers various options, such as – file manager, OpenVPN, Plex media servers, and incredible customer service to its name. This comes with a user-friendly interface that’s advantageous for a non-technical person as well. 

Cloudboxes.io offers excellent speeds, which generally range around 80 to 100 MB per second till the download ends. This seedbox provider allows various applications like Sonarr, Jackett, Couchpotato, and Radarr that helps to automate downloads. 

2. UltraSeedbox:

UltraSeedbox offers reliable and robust remote-servers with VPS hosting and committed server options. They customize extreme-speed seedboxes available at reasonable charges or rents along with only some restrictions. UltraSeedbox offers high-quality bandwidth facilities and a powerful dashboard can assist its customers to manage the applications and support systems. This particular cheap seedbox provider also offers various subscription plans, which users can choose as per convenience. 

UltraSeedbox provides plans in various categories, such as – Unmetered Plans, Cheap Plans, Plex Optimized Plans, and SSD Unmetered Plans. Each plan is subdivided into various price ranges with individual options with every rent. Rent of seedbox plans might vary around $5.5 per month to $74 per month.  

3. RapidSeedbox:

RapidSeedbox is an excellent performing VPS seedbox, which provides unlimited bandwidth and a unique committed internet provider address along with remote-system features and RAM for all needs. This particular seedbox provider supports unlimited bandwidth and several pre-installed applications as comes with various monthly, quarterly, or annual plans to assist seeders, unlike many seedbox providers who only provide either monthly or yearly plans. 

RapidSeedbox comes with a user interface application, which is compatible with CentOS, WindowsOS, and Ubuntu. This popular seedbox provider even comes with pre-installed apps, such as – Dropbox, Firefox, OpenVPN, FileZilla, HandBrake, and XHCE Desktop. The affordable plan comes with $5 with 2CPU, 500 GB of Storage, and 2GB of RAM, which is indeed reasonable.  

4. DediSeedbox:

DediSeedbox comes with committed servers, which SSH access and dedicated bandwidth. This particular seedbox provider supports VPN services along with HTTP and FTP with OpenVPN installed in it. This remote-server provides intense security encryption to the data transferred through it and helps to stream online videos simultaneously. 

DediSeedbox offers encrypted HTTP and FTP with support to torrent with an unlimited traffic speed of 10Gbps. They offer major monthly rents which cost $15, $20, and $25 with disk space of 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB respectively. 

5. SeedBoxBay:

SeedBoxBay renders one of the cheapest and reliable seedboxes with various rents and ample storage spaces as per your choice plans. This is one of the best seedboxes for torrenting if you are in search of uTorrent client to download files through torrents. This remote-server provides unlimited bandwidth to seeders along with an incorporated media manager assisting seeders to manage their torrents. 

SeedBoxBay comparatively offers cost-effective plans along with unlimited monthly bandwidth. However, major plans aren’t suitable for newcomers who need minimum storage with sufficient speed and prices. 

6. Seedbox.io:

Seedbox.io is quite popular among seeders as it comes with monthly plans starting at 5 Euros. They offer committed servers with premium networks and options to share networks as well. Seedbox.io provides great speed and its upstream speed with change with plans. 

This remote-server provider supports all kinds of transfer protocols like FTPS, FTP, HTTP, and SFTP along with a user interface, which makes unloading quite simple. However, it only provides restricted application and premium apps are supported only on committed seedboxes. Seedbox.io monthly plans are also reasonable compared with other service providers. 

7. CheapSeedboxes:

CheapSeedboxes is one of the top seedboxes with cost-effective plans and various attractive options, such as – VPN services. They also provide Google Drive support to seeders, which will assist seeders to sync media between Seedbox and Google Drive. They ensure sufficient measures of seeder’s data security and utmost privacy always.

All the data access is encrypted with SSL and data is securely stored on the cloud network with CheapSeedboxes. They also support so many torrent clients, such as – uTorrent, nextCloud, emby, BitTorrent, Deluge, and rutorrent along with Plex. However, its monthly plans aren’t comparatively inexpensive. 

8. Seedbox.cc:

Seedbox.cc is a popular seedbox provider, which offers VPN services as complimentary with each of its subscription plans. This remote-server provider supports L2TP, OpenVPN, and HTTP. They provide simultaneous VPN connections over 2 to 5 connections from multiple systems to the same or unique server. 

Seedbox.cc gives the best cheap seed box for Plex through which seeders can seed online media and store it over the cloud. This particular seedbox provider offers quite reasonable and standard monthly rents.  

9. iSeedFast:

iSeedFast is customized with optimized software, which assists users to implement it quickly and easily. They provide excellent protection with top-notch servers and 24 hours customer support. All its monthly plans support SFTP and FTP with OpenVPN on the seedbox. Additionally, iSeedFast offers btsync and transoid support. 

The basic monthly plan of iSeedFast cost only $3 offering 50GB space with 1 TB of bandwidth. That’s quite reasonable and impressive for newcomers! All seedbox plans come with one week’s money-return guarantee. 

10. Probox.space:

Probox.space is one of the cheap seedbox providers with reasonable rents monthly. This provides connection along with the speed of 1Gbps and support torrent clients, such as – rTorrent and rutorrent. This also supports SSH and FTP with both the private and public trackers. All its rental plans allow a shared box connection with unlimited bandwidth and required installation time of 1-24 hrs. 

Probox.space offers excellently monthly plans, such as – Oscar Seedbox (Storage Space of 10GB at 5 Euros), Romeo Seedbox (250GB Storage Space at 10 Euros), Sierra Seedbox (350GB of Storage Space at 12 Euros), and Zulu Seedbox (Storage Space of 500 GB at 15 Euros). 

That’s not so easy selecting the best seedbox for the above-list of top seedbox providers in today’s competitive market. 

Hopefully, after reading this post you can make the right choice after considering your online needs, monthly plans, and storage options offered with monthly rents. 

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    All in all, this one offers a good package in terms of seedbox performance and price. Some of the pro features of SeedboxBay are – unlimited bandwidth, smooth and easy user interface, hassle-free data storage and more.
    But SeedboxBay fails to be a perfect seedbox provider as it has slow FTP download speed that creates inconvenience for users to transfer saved files from the server to the devices.

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