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Achieve best performance with our quality seedboxes. Loaded with top applications to make your hosting services incredible. All available at well-tailored hosting plans. Grab the best deal on quality seedboxes with us now!


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Powerful Seedbox with Large Performance

We provide powerful servers with high-end resources and guaranteed network performance at very affordable prices.

What Makes Us One of the Best Seedbox Services For You?

Here are some of our Top Notch Seedbox Features:

VPN & SSL Included

In this era of cybersecurity attacks, our main focus is on our customer safety and security. To keep your data safe from the hackers, we made it a point to SSL encrypt all browsers and FTP connections.

Also, unlimited VPN users are provided with every package purchased on our website. The VPN ensures maximum security for all your data and devices.

Full Control

Our seedboxes come with all the required tools which can help you maintain and manage the software you need. We have automated seedboxes to take care of all such activities.

Some of our top-rated apps include:

Ubuntu 18 VNC

Ubuntu 18 VNC app acts like a VPS container with remote desktop and SSH facilities. These are high-performance VNC servers which makes the remote access easier. You can access the server from anywhere across the world.

OpenVPN Server

OpenVPN Server ensures that all your data is private and secure online on all the devices you access from. The OpenVPN Server has good firewall compatibility and also supports forward secrecy.


Plex is another great streaming and leading library software which helps you to stream all the media files online with ease. If you ever feel bored and want to watch the media online, then you can simply turn on Plex.


ruTorrent is one of the best torrent clients online. It helps in handling a lot of torrents with ease, at once. So, if you are a power user who loves torrenting a lot, then ruTorrent is the right choice. It has a great looking interface which helps to navigate easier.


This is versatile, easy, and fast to configure. You can even run the file organizer, version and sync control system. These servers are 20x fast and does the data and account migration pretty fast.

Here are a few more reasons why are considered the best in the industry?


We are known for providing cheap seedbox plans for our customers. Means, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to maintain our seedbox. You can either pay monthly, quarterly or even annually.

Customized Space

You can also choose the plans as per space you require for downloading the files from torrents. If you are someone who is peculiar about the speeds of the seedbox, you can try going for SSD that provides 500+ Mbps speed. Whereas, we offer HDD services as well to our customers who are new to this field.


Fast and Unlimited Uploads

All our plans offer blazing fast upload speeds and unlimited uploads as well. Moreover, the data on our servers is completely safe and secure as we do not entertain any public trackers on our server. So, you can rest assured of your privacy on our seedbox servers.

Best-in-class Customer Support

We offer world-class customer support and ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. We strive to upgrade our services and provide our customers with new features every now and then. Customers can raise tickets related to any issue and expect it to be solved within a few minutes (unless it is a major issue).

SeedBox Location

We have seedbox located in different parts of the world. Depending on your requirement, you can choose where your server needs to be hosted, and we can provide you with the same. If you are very specific about the location, it is recommended to choose the one that is near to your location, so that you can expect faster ping time and less packet loss.

Trial Period

We offer a 7-day trial period for our customers. This helps them to choose the plans that right fits their requirement and proceed further. In case, if our customers are not sure of what plan they are looking for, our team of experts are happy to help through the chat or phone support.


What Features Are Included In Seedbox?

There are a lot of pre-built features that are provided with seedbox when you purchase. Some of them include premium streaming apps like Plex, and also one-click installers like WordPress. We provide more than 65 applications that you can install as per your requirement.

What is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is a software that helps you to keep your data anonymous and secured during the data transfers. This is open-source software that creates secured point-to-point connections for remote access of data. Moreover, the OpenVPN software uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure that no one is trying to spy on your data.

What is the difference between a VPN and a Seedbox?

A VPN offers secured connectivity and relies on your local bandwidth for the data transfer. Whereas, seedbox operates independently without relying on your local bandwidth. Moreover, seedbox has a bandwidth of its own and also all the features that a VPN can provide.

A Seedbox connection is more secure than a VPN as it is based on a remote location and is under control of different jurisdiction.

Which torrent clients are supported by your seedbox?

Our Seedbox server supports torrent clients like ruTorrent. It is pretty fast and smooth enough to handle multiple torrenting.

How Long Does it Take to Set up the seedbox?

Our Seedbox setup is done instantly. The process is very simplified, you need to place an order, checkout, and purchase the Seedbox plan of your choice, and we deploy seedbox instantly and deliver it to you. In case, if the stock is not available, the seedbox will be delivered in a maximum of 24 hours.

Does the seedbox Come with any Traffic Limit?

No, the seedbox we provide does not have any restriction on the traffic limit. You can surf the web as much as you need, with the help of our automated tools and software.

Do I have to worry about you giving away my data or email?

You need not worry about your email or data, as it is completely safe and secure with us. Moreover, we do not keep track of our customer’s data, and also we never sell the data from our customers to the third party. We are very strict on our data and privacy policies, so you can rest assured of your data privacy.

Can I modify my seedbox?

Yes, you can modify your seedbox whenever needed, as it comes with root access. In case, if something breaks you need not worry about it. We are here to help you fix the issue and re-install the seedbox.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee to our clients if they are not satisfied with our services. No questions asked.

Why do I need a Seedbox?

You need seedbox for the following reasons:

Anonymity: In order to keep your home or workplace IP address safe and secure, you need to have a Seedbox. Seedbox comes with a preinstalled OpenVPN software that helps in browsing the web anonymously.

Superior Network: Most of the times, home connections aren’t capable of handling high data transfer rates and also unlimited uploads. Hence, you need to have a superior network like seedbox to handle unlimited data transfers and uploads.

Good Storage Space: If you have a necessity to download and store large files, then seedbox is the best as it provides with the clogged free hard disk which helps in storing a good amount of data. Depending on your data requirement, you can choose the Seedbox plans.

Streaming: With our seedbox services, you can stream data directly through any device, without having a need to store it on your device.

Speed: This is the most popular benefit of using a seedbox. It is because most of them are on the 100Mbit of lines which makes them really fast. They are faster than the internet which you use in your house even. All you need is to, just do the setup and relax.

Security:You can be assured of high-end safety and security. You don’t have to make use of any bit torrent clients on your PCs. Now you don’t have to stress over the MPAA or RIAA spy even. You will not get any of the warning letter or DMCAA notices even from ISP. It can completely offer you 100% security. The best way to ensure security is by making use of seedbox. It is clear that it offers a high-end security platform for uploading files, which is safe and private.

Prohibition on peer to peer traffic: There are several places where it is prohibited to download files on a peer to peer traffic which include places such as a workplace, school or even at a home where the ISP is blocked for this activity. But with a seedbox, it won’t matter. You will easily download files that you can use at a later. Using its web browser-based management application, you will remotely and conveniently download files and later, through an HTTP or FTP, load to your home computer. All this is possible without facing any ISP ‘throttling’ headaches.

Uploading and downloading: The torrents are also least concerned about downloading but they are more focused on the seeding. With the best utilization of cheap seedbox, you can pause or delete torrent and can even replace it with new ones. Quick and safe downloading and uploading with its help is the major reason as to why people go for it.

It does not suffer from any kind of upload or download limitations and one can easily maximize their transfer rate. Both uploading and seeding are one of the major reasons why you should definitely choose seedbox.

Convenient streaming of video files: In terms of hosting media files, a seedbox does a great job.Plex or KODI are already pre-installed in some Seedboxes. These applications turn your seedbox into a media center. In that way, you can sort your favorite audio and video content from various libraries and directly stream them via a web browser on your seedbox. Therefore, instead of opening a private account, you can directly stream a new movie or series comfortably.

Ultimately, the type of seedbox that is perfect for you depends a lot on your goals and objectives. You can analyze your requirements and then select a seedbox which is cost-friendly, reliable, offers high-quality services and an excellent customer support system.

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